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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo talks about discord “We’re laughing among ourselves”


BLACKPINK Jisoo has revealed rumors of discord.

On the 7th, a video featuring Jisoo of BLACKPINK, who recently released a solo album, was posted on the YouTube channel “There is no rat horn.”

In the video, Ji-Soo said, “When the four of us talk, we seem to be proud. “I think that’s also very important in the job of a celebrity,” he said, expressing pride in BLACKPINK, who won the top.

Ji-soo then said, “I think there’s something like this that the four of us can’t do together,” drawing admiration from Lee Young-ji.

In response, Lee Young-ji said, “It’s a very good organization,” adding, “But people think that BLACKPINK is a very high-profile group, so I want to guess rumors of discord, and I want to think that he and he are not on good terms.”

Then Ji-Soo said, “We laugh a lot when we see things like that.”

Ji-Soo then said, “I’m keeping you in check.” “Be careful.” That’s what they say. “Hey, why aren’t you posting it? You’re making rumors of discord.” He said, “You should have promoted mine,” and added, “I can pass it over as a joke.” He talked about BLACKPINK’s discord.


Finally, Ji-soo said, “What can’t we do if the four of us unite?” about the discord scandal that erupted last year. When rumors of discord come out, they laugh, saying, “LOL.” When such a thing comes up, I can joke around saying, “Why didn’t you promote mine, so I made rumors of discord,” showing off the strong friendship between the members.

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