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“French Fast Food Franchise O’Tacos Expands into Canada”

"French Fast Food Franchise O

“French Fast Food Franchise O’Tacos Expands into Canada”

French Fast Food Franchise O’Tacos Expands into Canada

O’Tacos, the popular fast food chain that originated in France and specializes in a range of tacos and sandwiches, is expanding its reach and popularity by opening new franchises in Canada. With a plan to open 200 new restaurants all over North America, the management of O’Tacos aims to cater to the desires of taco enthusiasts from all walks of life. The company’s decision to open franchises in Canada comes after its hugely successful launch in France and other parts of Europe.

About O’Tacos

O’Tacos was founded in France in 2007 and quickly became a popular destination for fast-food lovers. The franchise has a unique approach to tacos and sandwiches, with unconventional ingredients such as fries, cheeseburgers, and chicken nuggets. In addition to its unique menu items, O’Tacos is also famous for its customizable options that allow customers to add or remove ingredients to their preference. The restaurant’s hip and upbeat vibe and its focus on value for money have also contributed to its popularity.

O’Tacos Launch in Canada

O’Tacos opened its first Canadian franchise in Montreal in November 2020, and it was an instant hit. The restaurant’s fusion take on traditional tacos and sandwiches impressed the locals, and they lined up to get a taste of the menu items. The franchise has now announced plans to open ten more restaurants in Montreal by the end of 2021, and further expansion into other Canadian cities is also on the cards.

The Appeal of O’Tacos

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of O’Tacos, both in its home country and abroad. One of the most significant factors is its unconventional approach to tacos and sandwiches, which attracts those seeking variety and novelty. The restaurant’s customization options also make its offerings more appealing to those with specific dietary preferences. The attractive pricing of the menu items makes it a fantastic option for those looking for value for money.

The Future of O’Tacos

With its presence in Canada, O’Tacos is poised to break into the North American market and make its mark. The franchise has ambitious plans for the future and intends to expand rapidly in the coming years, both in Canada and the United States. Its unique offerings, affordable pricing, and eclectic menu options make it an exciting prospect for fast-food enthusiasts.


Popular French fast-food franchise, O’Tacos, is expanding into Canada after its massive success in Europe. The restaurant chain specializes in fusion tacos with unconventional ingredients such as fries and cheeseburgers. O’Tacos’ success lies in its customizable menu options, affordable pricing, and variety. The franchise’s expansion into Canada marks its foray into the North American market, with ten new stores already planned for Montreal alone. With ambitious plans to expand in the coming years, O’Tacos is sure to delight fast-food lovers everywhere with its unique offerings.

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