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“Upamecano’s costly mistakes lead to Manchester City’s defeat against Bayern Munich”

“Upamecano’s costly mistakes lead to Manchester City’s defeat against Bayern Munich”

Upamecano’s costly mistakes lead to Manchester City’s defeat against Bayern Munich

Manchester City faced Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals second leg on April 7th, 2021. Both teams were head to head with a 2-1 score in Bayern’s favor from the first leg. However, things didn’t go as planned for Manchester City, and one player who stood out in particular for making costly mistakes was their 22-year-old center-back, Dayot Upamecano.

The mistakes made by Upamecano

Upamecano, who was bought by Chelsea for £54m worth of transfer deal with RB Leipzig, made his move to Bayern Munich earlier this year. He was expected to bring a lot to the table with his defensive skills and experience at the back. However, the opposite happened in the match against Manchester City, and he cost his team the game.

Upamecano’s first costly mistake happened within the first ten minutes when he misplaced his back-pass to contributing to City’s opener from Raheem Sterling. His second mistake came in the second half, allowing Phil Foden a free run to score the second goal for Manchester City. These errors proved to be the turning point of the match, and Manchester City won 2-1 to advance to the semifinals.

How costly were Upamecano’s mistakes?

Upamecano’s errors led to a crucial lead for Manchester City that affected the outcome of the entire game. Manchester City had improved massively after those two goals, giving them the drive and confidence to hold off Bayern Munich, who were desperately in search of goals to overturn the deficit.

What does this mean for Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is known for its strong defensive ability, with the team conceding the least number of goals in this season’s Bundesliga campaign. Even though the Bavarian giants scored the equalizer, Upamecano’s mistakes made it challenging for them to come back and obtain the crucial third and deciding goal.


Upamecano’s costly mistakes negated the efforts of the Bayern Munich team and eventually led to Man City advancing to the semifinals. His errors showcased how one misstep can make or break a team’s performance in an important game. It also highlighted the importance of being on top of one’s game every second of it. They say football is a game of fine margins, and Upamecano’s mistakes proved it right once again.

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Summary: Dayot Upamecano’s two costly mistakes in the game against Manchester City ended up in the Citizens securing their place in the UEFA Champions League semifinals. His errors fueled City’s offense, leading to two goals, ultimately shifting the momentum of the match in City’s favor. Upamecano’s costly errors have proven to be a lesson for all the teams and players in the quarterfinals and beyond. #NEWS